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FZ600 Swingarm/Stock RZ Wheel Conversion


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1969 Kawasaki A7SS Avenger
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FZ600 Swingarm/Stock RZ Wheel Conversion
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I will attempt to doccument how to use the stock rz350 wheel with the FZ600 swingarm. More information will be added as it comes in. This process will be done when I switch wheels. I am happy to say that I have FINALLY upgraded my wheels to 86-95 RZ/RD 350R wheels. These wheels are 5 pounds lighter than the 84-85 wheels.(combined weight)

Materials Needed: FZ600 Swingarm FZ600 Axle FZ600 Caliper Hanger or Machined Stock one 86-88 Fz600 or RZ350 Brake Caliper Longer brake line 83-95 RZ350 Rear Wheel Spacers (measurements given as process allows)

Rear Wheel Bearings for FZ600 swingarm with stock wheel. The bearings are 6004 2rs. The 6004 is the size, the 2rs is 2 seals. You can get them at any bearing supplier or industrial supplier. I have found Mcmaster Carr has the best price and always has inventory. I think their website is


RZ350 Rear Wheel FZ600 Swingarm